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Here you can download all of the projects I've made available over the years. Themes, After Effects presets, wallpapers, and much more.

If you have any question, comments, or suggestions about anything on this page, use my Contact Page.

Minecraft Sync

A bash script I set-up to copy Minecraft save games to Dropbox, and then create symbolic links to create a cloud saved game.

Clarity AE Preset

A set of After Effects presets designed to create the clarity effect from Adobe Lightroom, or mid-tone contrast from Resolve.

Shoot on Film

A collection of After Effects presets I created to try and emulate film stock from various different film stocks.

CC Preset

A preset for Adobe After Effects that acts as the base for simple grading jobs. I know most people don't grade in AE, whatever...

Alfred Themes

A set of nice themes that I created to work with the Spotlight replacement, Alfred. Themes are designed to be light-weight.

Ulysses Themes

Two themes that I created for Ulysses, my favorite GUI markdown editing app. I prefer Vim generally, but this is nice too.

Retro Tech

A collection of retro, sort of 8-bit wallpapers, based on the logos for old technology companies. I got really bored at 2AM.

Minimal Vim

A neumorphism sytle wallpaper I created, based on the logo for Vim, my favorite text editor. Light and dark version included.

Minimal Yin

Another minimal Neumorphism style wallpaper deisgn, based on the Yin and Yang symbol. Light and dark version included.

Folder Maze

I made a video on my YouTube channel a while back called 'How to hid your porn'. It was a stupid video, this is the link from that.