YouTube Branding

The Final Design

For as long as I've been making YouTube videos, I've had a fascination with re-creating my YouTube branding, mainly the intro & sometimes end card that plays at the end of my videos. So, late in 2018, in a state of frustration with my tendency to re-design my YouTube intros, I began work on something new. The idea was to build one "final" branding, that could sit in front of my YouTube videos for the foreseeable future. If you're interest you can see the current iteration of this branding in action on my YouTube channel here.

In order to insure that the design would last into the future, I began by designing something that I felt would reflect many of the aspect of my interest online and in life. One of the most frustrating things about trying to build a YouTube channel, is that I've had trouble deciding on one "brand". I'm not comfortable just doing tech, or web design, or motion graphics, or film, or anything else. So I decided to try and build something that would incorporate all of my interests.

It’s mostly about time & complexity. The original design had a lot more stuff going on in the background. There were tons of little bits of writing, quotes, and images that were mostly just meaningful to me. It got toned down quit a bit just to make the graphic easier to digest, but I still want it to have a “cluttered” feel. I also was trying to incorporate themes from different time periods. There’s the film grain, the crest kind of design in the middle, the lens flares & artifacts, and the different typefaces; that all kind of represent different time periods to me.

Of course the biggest part of the design, is the background elements. In order to make sure that I would use the branding for a long period of time, I decided not to make one static intro, but make sure I designed something that could be "modular". These background elements are built to change frequently based on anything I want them to. There are references to past videos, interests that I have, and even just small little references to things that only I really understand the meaning of.

Like what you see? Contact me, and I'll do the same for you.