Senior Executive

Logo Design

This is a logo I worked on recently for a company focused on providing care and services for senior citizens.

The goal was to make a logo that combined the best elements of clean, modern design, with more traditional elements to project stability. If felt the best way to go about this, was to create a crest, just a much more simplified, and clean version of it.

But first, we had to decide on the actual typography to be used in the logo. It seemed link a good idea to combine both serif, and sans-serif fonts in an interesting way; to try and strike a balance between modern and reliable.

Then I began work on the crest itself. I went through a few iterations (it ended up being more difficult than I thought to create a clean, and modern crest); but in the end, I think we ended up with something quite nice.

The client requested that we incorporate an image of a heart into the design.

From there it was just a matter of experimenting with different colors until we got something everyone was happy with.

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