Film Inspired Branding

A series of thumbnails for YouTube inspired by classic films

It began with a design inspired by one of my favorite films: "Planet of the Apes". The idea was to work with the basic layout of the poster, but convert it to a horizontal layout, rather than a vertical one -- while maintaining the very vintage feel of the original piece.

A later made a sequel to that video, and it only made since to stick with the same general color scheme, and create my own take on one of the most classic posters in film history: Stanley Kubrick's original vision for the poster of "The Shining".

At this point, It just seemed like fun to really lean into this design challenge, and create branding for my videos that was heavily inspired by some of my favorite films, but also maintained my own YouTube channel's branding.

I also kept my options open to veer away from the strictly film poster inspired designed, and allowed myself to do some work that sort of had the same vintage feel, without being so closely tied to an existing media property.

For an additional challenge, I converted many of these thumbnails into motion graphic designs for use in vertical layouts (Instagram/Snapchat Stories, YouTube #Shorts, ext).

Like what you see? Contact me, and I'll do the same for you.